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Of course locals are more likely to find missing people faster, there are MORE locals than FEDS, that's just a numbers game.

Fact is, if some back-woods county in Alabama doesn't have the money or doesn't wanna spend the money (because government is evil) on properly equipping their local police then many serious crimes can slip right through the cracks. The FBI is essentially the national police, and if we are going to bother having any federal laws whatsoever, then we should have an agency that enforces those laws.
JB that is a fallacy it is a sever straw man if there ever was one. Can you prove this with data? The federal law are suppose to only invole interstate stuff and national policies. And those are the only one allowed by the 10th. The real reason the civil war was fought was the 10th amendment. Since the north won the 10th became null and void and we have gone donw the crapper since
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