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I don't agree with the government taking people's homes to build shopping malls or roads, but that has been happening since the days of the founding fathers if I'm not mistaken... No it has not. This is new. The only thing that they could take it for was roads or schools. The fouders would heve grabbed their guns if this happened in their day. They took up arms because he army was allowed to sleep in their houses by law so I doubt they would take kindly to the gov making them give up land for strip mall

I also don't think we need to toss the piece of paper out, and I do understand the significance of having the rules outlined in writing, but we can't let it tie our hands at every turn either. I think there are some things we should be unified on and other things the government should stay out of. Don't get me wrong either, I know the government is not perfect and it's not always run efficiently. That goes for everything from the DMV, to local cops, to the FBI, all the way up to the President. I still think that regardless of that, we are better off WITH some things having central oversight rather than without.
Cenrtal oversight is good so lang as it is local and constitutional
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