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In many ways...At least to the American people, the Consitution is supposed to be Sacred.

Adherance to the Consitution is not is the only way to be truely Free. The only other place you hear of such things is in direct relation to Scripture. The Constitution is also supposed to be timeless, meaning it is always applicable, and true today, yesterday, tommmorow...The same is said to be true of Scripture.

Im alright with that...because in our Culture the same was supposed to be true for something known as The Divine Right of Kingship.

I know the argument is that GOD wrote the Bible, and thus its Scripture....and GOD did not write the Constitution....but consider that those who did Write it, truely believed that it was their mission, and duty under GOD to produce such a the same way that We have a Monarch that doesnt change and stands for Tradition and the Constitution is a similar thing.

These two insitutions, may be the highest form of Man Created things.
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