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Just because there are laws doesn't mean children are protected from predators whether they be a stranger or someone they know and trust. I consider polygamists predators also. A predator could care less about the law. Laws are usually created/passed after the fact as we've seen with many of these kidnapped and murdered children cases; and they are usually enforced after the fact in dealing with the perpetrator and his crime which means there is already a victim.

For the record, if anything I posted came off as a "comparison" between the two, it wasn't meant to be. Both are perversions and that's really the point here. If society is now willing to allow and accept one form of perversion, they've proven they are quite capable of being swayed to redefine the boundaries of what is considered unacceptable. I know you've already stated you don't feel the same way so we can agree to disagree on this.
1.the same can be said for every law ever written. dont seem to have much faith in the majority of people out there....and i'm really amazed you see no difference in the two.

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