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The FEDS have NATIONAL oversight on the sport of's called the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act, and all professional boxers are required to obtain a FEDERAL ID card...

Is that moot too?No that is just plain ridiculous if a boxer wants to take to manys shots to the head he should be able to a long as the locals allow it. Can you believe I had to obtain a freaking license to be a pro wrestler through the commission. How stupid was that. Even funnier they need to know you w/l record. This shows the GOV is useless

MMA only missed the boat on that legislation by about 5 years, don't will come to MMA eventually...I am sure it will

State governments are just much a "government" as the federal government, and if you hate the government so much, why love it when it's controlled by a "state"? Why have any rules at all?
The state level is constitutional the federal is not Apples and oranges my friend. The 10th amendment. And if I do not like that state I can move. Why do you think the whole gay marriage thing is pushed at the state level? Chew on it JB When we let the Feds dictate our lives we loose freedom.
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