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Chris F
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[QUOTE=Spiritwalker;146302]I have yet to be stomped.. and since the laws were fulfilled.. then you would have to agree that there was a change.... hmmmm...? No they did not change one bit, in fact apart from Christ you are requried to keep everyone and that in part is what damn one to hell. Refuse Christ and you are bound by the law that is impossible to keep. Thus one must have Christ. No change. I would hope you would do better research next time. However you are probably at work so wait till you get home so you can think beofre you post

My comment wasn't even directed at you.. but if you continue to imply that I am uneducated.. I will take issue... The closest I have come to being rude to you is to call you closed minded.. and that is kindda like calling the ocean wet..I am very close minded because when oyu know the truth you do not need to be open to the fluff other call truth. Would you prefer the term ignorant? I am simpy saying you are talking baout htings you obviously know nothing about. If I were to talk about medicine with TexasRN and argue with her about it I would be uneducated because she know way more than I do about the subject. That is Brad unless you have a seminary degree and a post graduate degree and 15 years of ministry experience, than I wouls say you are an apostate. Uneducated is not an insult it just means you have not been educated. I am uneducated on a lot of things especially home repair and mechanics. I would not take offence if one called me uneducated if I told them they should use a bolt inseatd of a washer. Is it sinking in yet?

Just let me know when it is ok to imply specific things about you.. Or to be rude to you.. mmmm'k.... Do whatever you feel you need to NateR has already gave brad the green light to be rude to me. I will tell you this less gets accomplished when that happens

And why do you continue to rob my "please" remark.. and when can I/we see your List.. and when are you going to show me all these comments that are locked away... that you studied for 7 years... and when are you going to go back and sit at the little table.. and leave the dining room table for the adults?... and when are you going to admit that you mis spelled the name of one of the guys that you "studied for 7 years"... I used please with a smilily face because I was requesting you to think about it. You used please in a condesending rude fashion. There is a difference. And BTW I misspell a lot of things or do oyu not read my post fully. I can;t type to save my life and add extra letters and forget some as well. If spelling is your best defense then pask it up and move along you lost ay credibility going down that path.[/QUOTE]

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