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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
Nice try but htis another battle you will get stomped on. If oyu read the bible you would know that Jesus FULFILLED the laws of moses and thus we no longer have to refrain from pork and shell fish we can shave and so on so on. SO to make such an uneducated unresearched comment is par for the course with you. Try reading the whole bible not just the parts you like. In Acts we see the only part of the mosaic law that carried over was readin meat with the blood in it and eating strnagled animals and sexual laws. That other stuff is just a pathetic attempt at some retribution. Read the bible than come back with something better than "Shave lately" PLease...
I have yet to be stomped.. and since the laws were fulfilled.. then you would have to agree that there was a change.... hmmmm...?

My comment wasn't even directed at you.. but if you continue to imply that I am uneducated.. I will take issue... The closest I have come to being rude to you is to call you closed minded.. and that is kindda like calling the ocean wet..

Just let me know when it is ok to imply specific things about you.. Or to be rude to you.. mmmm'k....

And why do you continue to rob my "please" remark.. and when can I/we see your List.. and when are you going to show me all these comments that are locked away... that you studied for 7 years... and when are you going to go back and sit at the little table.. and leave the dining room table for the adults?... and when are you going to admit that you mis spelled the name of one of the guys that you "studied for 7 years"...
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