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In today's world, I think the FBI is a very important agency that is able to accomplish more than agencies on the local level are able to do. Of course, there is probably some wasteful spending going on, but that happens on every level of government. Abolishing the FBI would be a terrible decision in my opinion.That is what they fool you into thinking. All it does is give more power to the feds. If the states did not have to send do much money to the feds the local police would be better.

I also think the department of education serves a great purpose. Sure public schools aren't perfect, and some kids will get a much a better education in private or even home-schooling. But I totally agree with having a standardized approach to education in this country. Ron Paul's website says it should be a decision made on a "state, local, and personal level" and I can understand that view. I just don't think abolishing the department that sets the standards fixes the problems. Also, the state and local governments do handle appropriation of funds through their very own department of education, so much of the problems in some school districts are problems on the local level. We are also responsible for voting in local government officers who appoint school board members/presidents. If every state in the country feels it needs a DOE, I think it's safe to say it's probably an issue that requires federal oversight. That's just my view though.It was not till Jimmy Carter was elected that we have had a federal public scool department. And since tham our national rank in education has fallen every year. We hve ot get odoctors from India because America's schools are junk. We do not need the Dept of education. It is a waste of money
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