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The military has to be exempt from many of the equal employment requirements. Most of the people who are not allowed to serve in the military are barred for obvious reasons: physical deformities, physical disabilities (deaf, blind, etc.), mentally handicapped, obese, etc.

Women are also barred from the combat arms roles in the Army, for obvious reasons. We're not talking about the jobs that just require you to sit in a truck and push a button. We're talking about the "throw a 50-pound rucksack over your back, along with your 20-pound flak vest, helmet, web gear, 200-rounds of ammunition, your rifle and walk 5 miles uphill.... quickly, because your life depends on it!" kind of jobs.

Thus, if the military leaders believe that allowing openly gay soldiers into the Army will compromise their mission effectiveness, then I would trust their judgement.

The military exists to do a job that only a few people are capable of doing, forcing them to treat everyone equally compromises their ability to do that job.
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