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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
1) I don't need to know he's gay....and you telling me he's gay, and that I have to sleep in the same room with him, just made me uncomfortable....see how that works?

(not saying that's how I personally feel, but that's how a lot of people feel)

2) Nobody got in trouble for being exposed unless THEY openly exposed it (at least that I've heard of).

3) Then don't join the military if it's too much to handle.

4) Everyday life is obviously tough enough for gay people, if they can't mentally handle the realities of life as a soldier, they probably shouldn't consider trying to be one.

5) We don't need to go all the way back to Eden to understand that another man don't NEED to know if you are gay.

Weather a person likes penises or not has no effect on their ability to cover another soldier in the line of fire. Just do your duty, and worry about penises later.

6) Can't say I disagree with that at all.
1) Your going to you think that will be comforting?? put it into perspective please Ask not what the Army can do for you...but what you can do for the Army

2) Oh I thought they got kicked out for being gay

3) I wouldnt join the military...but not for that reason...but for three reasons...firstly, I am too unhealthy, I'd never make it. Secondly, I really hate what they do in Basic Training...Its one of the most nasty psychological damage you can do...and when they get out, the military dont provide enough ways for the soldiers to re-integrate. Thirdly...I was so rudely insulted by one of their kind at a Jobs fair...when I wasnt even looking at his stand, I decided that I'd not volunteer to be put under someone like that.

I tried the Ministry of Defence, but thats really Government...they didnt want me...because when I was supposed to talk specifically about my part in a group work situation, I used the word "I" too much

4) Well I cant speak for all gays everywhere. Mentally I would have no trouble, psychologically, I'm pickled anyway so it wouldnt make much difference, but physically...I'd probably die

5) Eden was the first example that sprang to mind...and its "pansies" not "pensies" as in the flower

6) finally! success at last
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