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Originally Posted by Chris F View Post
Okay time for the Devils advocate here.

1. There is a reason people like Ron Paul voted for this it is called the US Constitution. It is a voulenteer army and we should have all the same right under the law regardless of Race, Religion, or sadly choice of sexual partners. Till they amend the constitution to prohibit such an act they should have the exact smae rights under the US Constitution. Plain and simple. DOes nto mean we have to like it since it is a choice and not biological like race. But we forget religion is also a choice and frankly I would not want them banning Christian from the military because some solider was incomfortable because their room mate was a bible fearing, praying, saint of God.

2. I agree it destroys morale and it will. It took years before morale improved after they desegregated. But people will get used to it and will move on. They should however be required to say they are gay and be sperrated just as the Women are in sleeping arrangements and such.

3. No for my personal opinion- It is horrible and this is exactly what happened to Rome before the empire was destroted Welfare and gay military. History will repeat itslef and America will crumble apart form a revival of The Great Awakening magnatiude.
1) aggree
2) I would have no objection to this
3) dissagree. It was standard procedure for men to be with boys...I dont really know why, but it was prevelent in Greek Society also. One of the big Reasons Saint Paul may have mention this specifically in his letters, is because at the time he was tackling a major social situation...not like today...but where Hetrosexual Men, with families, also had some kinda boy, and it at the very least loving, at the very most sexual. But that has nothing to do with the Fall of Rome...infact the Roman Army had nothing to do with the Fall of Rome...Rome got to big, and despite a plea by the Emporar to unite in wasnt enough, and the Empire Fragmented into was Rome, one was known as Byzantine...for a while not even did they have separate Emporars...but even separate Popes!

I dont think America will crumble because of this. I think she might end up not being a super power by the end of the next decade, or at least not the only one...but I dont see this being her destruction.
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