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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
1) niether is the inability to follow orders. If someone higher up the tree tells you to share rooms with a gay guy, you share rooms with a gay guy. Its really extremely simple
I don't need to know he's gay....and you telling me he's gay, and that I have to sleep in the same room with him, just made me uncomfortable....see how that works?

(not saying that's how I personally feel, but that's how a lot of people feel)

2) The problem isnt so much talking about it, as having to hide it. I wouldnt reccomend deep discussions, I just think that if someone is exposed that they shouldnt get in trouble for it. that now wont happen.
Nobody got in trouble for being exposed unless THEY openly exposed it (at least that I've heard of).

3) I aggree. But living in fear can do more damage then stigma and least thats what I think
Then don't join the military if it's too much to handle.

Everyday life is obviously tough enough for gay people, if they can't mentally handle the realities of life as a soldier, they probably shouldn't consider trying to be one.

4) the point is, that relates directly to this scenario. If someone is frightened they are going to be found out, or if another has preconceived and actually unfounded views on a person...thats not good for soldier where trust and truth matter. Not telling the whole truth is as bad as telling a lie...after all, Lucifer didnt strictly speaking lie in Eden...he simply neglected to tell the whole truth. Had they eaten from the Tree of Life after the Tree of the Knowledge of Goodness and Evil, then they would have become like GOD...the Trinity discuss this and decide this is why Eden must be guarded after the explusion. All Lucifer did was neglect to expound on something...there eyes WERE opened after eating the Apple.

Now if you trust someone with your life, and you discover they have not told the whole truth...would you still trust them?
We don't need to go all the way back to Eden to understand that another man don't NEED to know if you are gay.

Weather a person likes penises or not has no effect on their ability to cover another soldier in the line of fire. Just do your duty, and worry about penises later.

5) any abuse should be punished, inappropriate behaviour, disrepute, gross missconduct, verbal, physical, and sexual harrasment...that should go without saying. You should not need a charter to tell you must expect that in any job you ever apply and accept. It is right and proper to abide by it.
Can't say I disagree with that at all.
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