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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Again, spoken like someone who has never served in the military.
Stopped short of saying I was wrong though, didnt you Nathan.

You dont need to serve in order to understand basic principles like you do what your told.

Secondly...I might know more about the Military then you think, both from Study (particularly Military Ethics and Strategy) to others, like knowing people who are in the Military and having spoken to them about it. Most of my Teachers throughout my education were Ex-Forces, The discipline required of each person was quite spectacular...its even more like a Military School now. I have a Sister who works in the Army Foundation College (she used to work in a Prison) I live in close proximity to Menwith Hill Airbase (Its a U.S listening Station, I think part of Starwars infact)

I'm also an Extreme J on the myres-Briggs...I know all about codes, taxonomies, rules, structure, routine, regulation.

I dont pretend to be an expert on it...but simple things like doing what you are told and not complaining about it...thats not difficult to understand. The Chain of Command and following Orders is an easy concept to grasp...and because they do what needs to be done, and what they are told to do, and they risk everything to do that, I admire them....

...and I admire you, even if I dont aggree with you all the time, and even if you hate me for what I say sometimes...I hope you recognise that Nathan
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