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Spoken like someone who has never served in the military. If this was true, then no one would qualify for military service.
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Again, spoken like someone who has never served in the military.
Enlighten me... help me understand. When you're in the military which orders are you obligated to follow? The ones given to you by people you like? People you align yourself with politically? Spiritually? Did they start segregating soldiers in common interest groups recently so only like minded soldiers are near each other?

You do realize in your 10 year career you've no doubt taken orders from a gay person..

You've probably slept in the same room as one!!

Good gracious I bet a gay man has probably seen you naked Nate!

But............................................... .................................................. ..

life went on right? The military still functioned right? Orders were still carried out right?


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Homosexuality is an unnatural perversion and those who practice it know this. They are living a lie and deep down they recognize that, so they are at war with their own minds.
Spoken like somebody who is completely ignorant of the subject. Your lack of understanding of who homosexual people are and how they function is sad really.

Homosexuality is a sin. ALL sin separates us from God. Satan is described as a deceiver, the Father of Lies... sin is related to darkness throughout Scripture. To think for a minute that all gay people are walking around with a clear understanding of the Truth and are just choosing to ignore it is ridiculous. I'm sure there are some that aren't deceived and walk in that lifestyle willingly but it's unrealistic to think they all do.

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In Romans 1:28, the Bible describes the homosexual mind as a "depraved mind." Thus, it's not logical to assume that a practicing homosexual can ever have a truly healthy mental state.
Can anybody who's separated from Christ?

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I wonder where as a society we would be if Christians spent as much time praying for homosexuals as they do condemning them?
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I don't know, but I sometimes wonder where we as a society would be if Christians actually stood up for truth, no matter how unpopular:
Does it have to be one or the other?

What truth do you want us to stand up for? That ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God?

We can't just stand up for the truth in Scripture that justifies how we feel about a subject and ignore the rest of the truth can we?

You claim that all homosexuals know they are living a lie... well what does you pointing that out to them help? If a man is drowning in the ocean and all we do is point and say "hey, you're drowning" then shame on us!!!

Finding fault in people and showing them the "truth" about their actions is easy. Loving them, TRULY loving them in spite of it is hard.
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