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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
Considering that I opened my home up to you during your first States trip and allowed you to stay with me for two whole weeks, I find this comment incredibly ironic and more than a little bit insulting.

Homosexuals are sick, not criminals. They need psychological counseling to cure this illness, which is never going to be possible as long as we're not even allowed to recognize it as a mental illness.
Do you remember what you said to me on the way home from your Church Nathan?

Yes you let me stay with you, and I am eternally Greatful to you for that...but you recall that I said to you on the way back after that discussion session that focused on your relationship with your Father...that I didnt feel it had been appropriate to tell them I was told me you were glad I had not said anything because if I had, I would have found myself put up in a hotel.

I guess being associated with me in close quarters is fine, because you know I'm not going to pounce on you or anything...but only fine so long as others in a Christian setting DO NOT KNOW the truth of my orientation.

Now I didnt find that insulting...because I can understand that, and I didnt want to make you feel uncomfortable...what I said about the treatment of gays in Assylums in this thread is true, and actually happened in England. I've been for counselling I dont know how many times...I have never tried psycho-sexual therapy or hypnotism sounded dangerous, the other was far too expensive

I hope you dont hate me for what I wrote. I might have blown it out of proportion slightly...but that was to get you to recognise the point I'm trying to make. Not to insult you. I consider you one of my best friends on here actually (now that really might be ironic and insulting depending on how you take it )
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