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Originally Posted by NateR View Post

1) We need to stop pandering to the gay community in every aspect of our lives.
1) you need to treat everyone with respect, for they are all made in the image of GOD.

If you had your way, I'm sure homosexuals wouldnt be allowed to do anything and would probably all be locked up in mental assylums...They cant serve in the Military incase they frighten the real men, they cant be in leadership roles in the church or of anything Christian, because they are poor role models due to sin (even if we all sin and its all held as equal by GOD) they cant do anything other then lust, they dont have the ability to live in loving long term relationships with a single partner. They cant live together incase they threaten marriage, they cant adopt...they basically cant do anything, they shouldnt even speak about it, lest the embarris or bring into disrepute the reputation of their friends. We wouldnt want other to know we have homosexual friends...if they find out, we'll have to expell the homo from our presence.

But if they dont say a word, you can pretend its not real, and thats fine. You know one of my best friends in the last year of University, was an outspoken hater of homosexuals...yet he spent almost every night debating all kinds of things with me...I believe he chose not to see what was directly infront of him...because its alright speaking shyte about a group of people...but when you have relationships with them that mean something to you, it becomes suddenly hard to put them in the same bracket....and we all do it to a certain extent....I am forever talking to people on here in the political section as if they have the power, or as if they aggreed on the actions of their Government in every single way. Sometimes I speak to people as if they were alive during the war of independance and somehow caused it or something...because again I am categorising everyone as "Americans"

But when I think of "Americans" its all stereotype...its not really individual Americans that I know...its a bit like the term "present company excluded" when you talk ill to someone who is part of a group, but want to show you dont mean them in particular. But I recognise this and I try to work on it.

Do you realize that you appear to do exactly the same with homosexuals...they seem to be all Militant, out to ruin your country and religion, and all perverts. As with all stereotypes, there are elements of truth...but you have to see beyond that, to the person living next door, that might be struggling...or a friend whose never shared that information with you, or the quiet guy who goes his entire life without sex and never tells a soul.

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