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Originally Posted by J.B. View Post
1) The military is not anything like being employed at a grocery store. You are free to quit working at a regular job like that anytime you want to, but that's not how it works in the military. Homosexuals don't have to lie about anything under DADT. They simply don't have to respond at all, because nobody should be asking them in the first place.

2) Nobody is condoning inappropriate actions against gays, but the reality is that it's more likely to happen if they are allowed to flaunt their gayness around a large group of young heterosexual men. We can't just expect that "equality" will be achieved by writing it down on a piece of paper. DADT was a good policy that has been repealed solely on the basis of political pandering. Now the gays can hold rallies for a couple weeks and feel like Obama actually did something for them.
1) Their silence is their lie. Why should they have to try and convince others that they are shouldnt matter....and actually...if you value your life and have dependants and committments, you are not free to leave your job at any time...not unless you want your world to come crashing down.
most of us wouldnt work period if we didnt have to...and codes of conduct and appropriate behaviour in the workplace is applicable across the whole board.

2) Oh I quite agree that it is a political boost. Thats why Obama has done it, and it shows how desperate he's become. Noone said anything about "Flaunt" just that one should not be punished for ones sexuality in that environment.
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