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Originally Posted by Jonlion
I think there are different reasons for Fedor's independance or that may just be him and his thinking. I think it gets overcomplicated to predict his decisions on the political structure of Russia. Who knows!!!!!1
Well..I did say "I dont know how much of this Fedor buys into" but that IS the culture he was born into...His Mother it appears was a Teacher, his Father a labourer in construction.

He wasnt Nobility, and he is old enough to remember the Iron Curtain...I think Russia is opening up...but I just get a feeling that Fedor isnt driven by Capitalism...and the UFC most certainly are...ergo...they arent going to understand why essence, cant be bought

I was right about the National Service aswell it says he's actually Ukrainian...I worked with Sergy Corynak when I first worked in this Sandwhich Factory in Lincolnshire...He was so...gentle. Very strange because he was big heavy set guy, obviously clever, obviously strong...but he spoke quite softely and had the soft mannerisms...I've found a lot of people from the East to be like that...

..Until you ask them to say something in their own language. We had an Oriental work with us called "Chen" and he was sofetly spoken, excellent English but very quiet...I got him to say something in his native Malaysian language and he turned into a monster with sticato bellows...I was quite taken aback...he suddenly sounded like one of those guys you hear in a Vietnam war movie...then he stopped...and he was completely placid again...

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