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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
Thats exactly the point of DADT Tyburn!!! So they don't get harassed for their protection. Also for other reasons!! This is just setting up division amongest our troops and frankly not necessary. Property of US government so your points... don't complain, don't moan, etc.. All valid...
They shouldnt have to live in fear of being discovered. They shouldnt lie in an environment where trust is important...if they lie about their sexuality, how do you know they wont lie about something else.

So I think that homosexuals should be allowed into the military...and shouldnt need to lie about their orientation IF asked. BUT I dont believe that anyone should do anything inappropriate.

Thats why I've said all along...this is a non issue...if everyone does their jobs, and everyone respects and honours each other, and noone has to lie in an arena where trust is so important...then surely it will be more cohesive...and yes if ANYONE acts inappropriately...Hetro, Homo, Male, Female...Anyone...get rid of them.

These are the rules that most employers work under. It is what I expect when I go to work. I dont tollerate fools in the work place...because I believe we are their to work...we are not paid to mess around...I dont worry though about people finding out im gay...I dont fear that if my boss knew he would sack me...but neither will you find my boss and I speaking about it really...its not the time or the place

But then, dont forget there is other forms of harrasment aswell as sexual...Call me fat in the work place, and you'll be seeing the inside of the industrial compactor before the end of the day

I Kid, I Kid....but I dont tollerate verbal abuse full stop.
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