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Who or what a person screws has no business in with an armed forces members daily job. Therefore allowing them to actively engage in a lifestyle of homosexuality is opening a can of worms that should not be opened... Don't ask! Why? It's no ones business.. And don't tell! Why? No one wants to know! Do your job end of story gay or straight. This is not an anti-gay campaign Tyburn.
i understand that ... but i am sure it comes out in conversation anyways ... i have never been in the military, but i am sure the DT part of DADT was only specified to gays ... i don't think a guy that tells his roomate that he has a wife and kid at home, or puts up a picture of his wife near his bunk is gonna get in trouble, but the gay would ... but i could be wrong .. you either have full disclosure or you simply say that homosexuals cannot serve in the military
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