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Originally Posted by Tyburn
How many of them have links to the Russian Mafia

How many were already Noble Familes that have just exchanged one form of greed for another?

Quite possibly many of them are but Roman Abramovich wasnt.

He was from poor stock, and made his own way up. i have no doubt at some point there was links with mafia and such but i dont see how that affects the issue. It still means that many and i was say most russians under 50 embrace and revel in capitalism now.

They have their big parties, its very glamourised.

But then as ever in Russia, its an elite select few, the rest are just normal. They are a strange breed the Russians.

I think there are different reasons for Fedor's independance or that may just be him and his thinking. I think it gets overcomplicated to predict his decisions on the political structure of Russia. Who knows!!!!!1
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