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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
Anyone acting inappropriately should be kicked out!! that should go without saying!!!

if you are doing your job, then you dont have time to sexually harras anyone, and you shouldnt have time to flaunt anything either.

You shouldnt need to be told this...its not a "Military" thing...its something that is applicable to ANY employment period. You are paid to do a Job, get on and do it...dont complain, dont moan, dont mess around, dont slack, dont harrass, dont your job, and do it to the best of your ability.

Do you dissagree with ANY of the above???
Thats exactly the point of DADT Tyburn!!! So they don't get harassed for their protection. Also for other reasons!! This is just setting up division amongest our troops and frankly not necessary. Property of US government so your points... don't complain, don't moan, etc.. All valid...
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