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Originally Posted by adamt View Post
well, the armed forces is about honor and integrity. Like with anything else, without a moral foundation you have nothing.

That is to say, without the restraint of one's own conscience evil begins to form. That is what we have with society right now. We have tried to compel righteousness via law. But in the process we have said righteousness is relative, so only what is law is right.

Making homosexuality legal, or forcing others to tolerate does not make it moral.

Without a moral basis, we can do what we want as long as we can get away with it. If my desire to please God did not prevent me from murdering, and i thought i could get away with it then i would do it if it suited me. So would thousands of others..... and unfortunately they have and ARE, because we have taken away the teaching of God and Absolute Truth. The law doesn't scare me but God does.

So about DADT? Well, homosexuality is an abomination. So is beastiality, incest, rape, and murder. And that is why they are not allowed in the military either.

How would it be to let a murderer openly serve in the military? Or a pedophile openly serve?

Tyburn, would you like to attend westboro baptist church? The church that is absolutely not a church and not baptist, and goes around protesting and flying nothing but hate signs and rhetoric? Would you please attend and join that church? Just ignore their values and you will be fine.

It's the same thing. You could not support that church any more than i could support the military and those in it that are moral scum, be it murderers, child molesters, rapists or sodomites.

It completely undermines the honor the military once had.

Is the military going to allow gay killers in the military under the pretense that they just have a mental disorder---- i think not

NateR, i would contend with only one thing you said, that sodomy is a mental disorder. Sodomy is no more a mental disorder than murder and rape is. I am predisposed to egging the houses of jerks and a$$holes, and robbing banks but somehow if i do that i don't think the mental disorder thing will hold up. I say it is a spiritual disorder, a CHOICE, that has consequences. Both immediately and eternally
Honour and integrity is not a Morality, it is a code of conduct. Thats not the same. Morality is a set of rules that is defined by someone higher then yourself, honour and integrity is basically nothing short of opinion. What I class as honourable, you might not.

So that gets rid of the major premise of your argument about a psydeo religion.

They are asked to work along side a so isnt that difficult...I put up with working along side Hetrosexuals everyday. I say! how do I cope
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