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Originally Posted by Miss Foxy View Post
This is not an anti-gay campaign Tyburn.
yes it is...because if a hetro accidently lets slip...he doesnt get punished does he.

Sure you shouldnt be flaughnting your sexuality...but there is a difference between flaughting, and living in fear that someone will discover the truth and hate you for it.

So now...regardless of what sex you find attractive, noone needs to worry that they will get into trouble. Now maybe the homosexuals can stop being anxious about getting into trouble and concentrate on their jobs, and perhaps the hetrosexuals can just leave the homosexuals alone and get on with their jobs also.

Honnestly...the fact that this is even an issue in such an important environment is outrageous...havent your soldiers and your government got anything better to do, then worry about if the person next to them is gay, or worry about being outted.

For goodness sake! its like a bloody school playground!!! I do hope our Military isnt like yours in that respect.
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