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1) Morals??? That might be applicable to a Christian in the armed forces, but your Armed Forces arent particularly Christian are they?? What percentage of your Army are Christian enough to use that might be...but I think lots of the disgruntled will be aimed at homophobia rather then religious morals. Thats why a lot of angry soldiers will be angry, they dont want to be forced to share, or be in close quarters with a homosexual.

If they can not be trusted with weaponary, then they shouldnt be in the armed forces. Obviously there is something lacking in your countries basic training if you truely feel that there is a danger of use of firearms for vendetta or hatred, because they are angry and upset...Damn right you dont want dont want anyone prone to anything like that being in the armed forces in the first place.

2) thats your opinion...and it has nothing to do with this argument.

The basis of this is that some army people might be forced to do something they dont like. They are in the Military, they should be used to that! They should have been taught to put their personal feelings aside and get on with their job...They are Men, not Children.

oh...and here is the laugh of it...there have been gays in your military for years...but thats okay?? So long as you dont hear, you can brush it under the carpet and morale is high?? Do you guys really live that kinda delussion?? "I cant see it, so it doesnt exist"

Nobody is asking anyone in the Military to do anything sexual. Nobodies rights will be violated...and as GOD grants free choice to those who choose that ligfestyle, so should your Nation. Really! this is such a non issue, to those who just want to get on with their job.

Its not like you will have a bunch of screaming Queens join up!! It just means that guy, who you always thought might be a bit that way inclined, doesnt need to looose his job if he accidently lets slip that your correct.
Who or what a person screws has no business in with an armed forces members daily job. Therefore allowing them to actively engage in a lifestyle of homosexuality is opening a can of worms that should not be opened... Don't ask! Why? It's no ones business.. And don't tell! Why? No one wants to know! Do your job end of story gay or straight. This is not an anti-gay campaign Tyburn.
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