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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
but why would they ask that

Its not important for the job at hand is it?? ...perhaps if they spent less time asking silly questions, and more time actually allowing members of the Military to get on with their job, then things might run more effectively.

Also...I do think that as grown men, really, they should be able to work out bunking scenarios. I know they are paid to fight and not to be diplomats...but if you have to live in close quarters with someone else, you have to learn to negotiate and to bear with certain things you might not like...its really a matter of maturity I feel.
It's not about maturity it's about trust.

If you've never served in the military, then it's really difficult to explain it to you. I spent over 10 years in the military and was stationed in hazardous duty areas like Bosnia and Croatia. However, even though I've been shot at, I've never actually been in combat. I've felt that bond of brotherhood that comes from living in a danger zone with other guys, however, I've never experienced the true bond of brotherhood that comes only to men who fight in combat. So I can only go by what I've been told by those guys who have actually fought on the battlefield and what I've read in books, like Marcus Luttrell's.

It's about being able to completely entrust your life to the guy next to you. An intimate bond that's required for men to fight side by side in combat. However, the homosexual mind is more likely to pervert that intimacy into something sexual, thus destroying the bond and making it impossible for the two men to form a cohesive fighting unit.

Again, it's tough to put it into words, we just have to trust those men who have actually served in combat to know what's best for our fighting forces. If we allow activists to pressure our military into conforming to some nonsensical politically-correct ideal, then we risk destroying the effectiveness of our military.
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