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Originally Posted by NateR View Post

Yes, I believe that homosexuals should NOT be allowed to serve in the Armed Forces.
I just wanted to be clear on that point....

Something to consider...

The main problem with allowing openly homosexual men to serve in combat zones won't be them attacking others, but others killing them because of concerns about being attacked. Some homosexuals claim that they look at other men the way men look at women. Many could interpret this claim as indicating homosexuals might attack other men the way some men attack women. .

One of the motivations of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was the murder of homosexual PO Allen Schindler by shipmate Airman Apprentice Terry Helvey in October, 1992, while Schindler was awaiting discharge for homosexuality. Helvey insisted he killed Schindler for "bossing him around" when he reached a plea bargain to avoid the death penalty.

/Queue Joe Rogan Voice.... "Sounds to me that it might not be the GAY GUY that has the problem..."

I never served... so I don't know how it is being in the military... But I also am not comfortable "flamming gays"... I don't know why.. "specificly".. but I am not. But if they are not bothering me... and I am still not comfortable... then who really has the problem?
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