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Originally Posted by KENTUCKYREDBONE
Am I the only one that finds the title to this thread funny? Us Evil Americans only care about money!
Fedor comes from a Communist Background, He wont be used to having any more then the bear minimum, thats not just a statement meant financially, its also a statement meant wholistically, in terms of where he lives. He wont be that materialistic because he wont have ever been given much to play with, niether would he want more then what the common man in his part of the world has.

He wont be driven by capitalistic culture in the same way as the west. He will be used to working long and hard hours for next to nothing, his values will be far more based on Utilitarianism, then personal wealth or security. He's been bought up to believe that he is a servant like anyone else for the greater good of society as a whole, not to serve himself on a basic level. He will probably recognise that for a greater good of a bigger sum of people, he's pretty much expendable.

Now I dont know how much of that he buys into, but thats the basics of socialism, not as they were conceved, but as how they play out on a large scale...presuming that Fedor is not one of the Russian Elite, or Russian Mafia. From what I understand about his past, he wasnt born into a rich and wealthy family, so he probably isnt of a Noble Bloodline that might be a benefiting party of the Communistic Structure....if this be the case, he probably has very dim views of those who enslave others, and who are elitest or have masses of wealth....He has been forced to work with others en mass in order to survive, so he's going to be very careful about who he lets "own" him in terms of his career. Thats probably why he likes his freedom, he doesnt want to be tied down because he's come from a part of the world where oppresion by people and insitutions with wealth to through away have bought peoples freedom and enslaved them.

He is a good man, with delicate principles, and he views the world from a different perspective, he ISNT a westerner...he's about as Eastern as the bounds of Modern Society flow...But Russians are strong, and they tune up to fight exceedingly well, lots of Eastern Europeans are trained because they still have Governments that impose whats called "National Sevice" Every Male in the country at one time or another has been active in their Military
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