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Good pics, Nate!! My buddy Matt and his brother met me there at the show. He has never met any fighters and he has recently become a fan of the UFC. He knows who Matt H. is because of my nonstop ranting of him and all the t-shirts I own too. LOL!! He said he would love to meet Matt someday, so I had to play the cool card and I told him, "I bet I can make that happen." His eyes lit up and he was pretty excited. (He could have just gone and met him by himself, but like I said, I had to play the cool card).

When we got in the main show area we were looking for the booth that Matt was in and were just lost, I heard my name called from a distance and looked to see Nate standing with camera in hand and he waved me over to where he was. After a quick handshake and some small talk, I could tell my buddy really wanted to meet Matt but was a little reluctant to go talk to him. So I lead the way and walked up to Matt and said "Who are you again??" He replied with the same statement and gave me an autograph and I turned to introduce him to my buddy, but he was still standing in the middle of the walkway about 10 to 15 feet away.LOL!! I waved them over and they also got some autographs and spoke with Matt for a bit and then we thanked Matt for his time and returned to Nate's side for more witty banter. I think my friends were a little surprised when Matt actually came over to us and started chatting like we were old buddies or something, talking about hunting and bows and whatnot. They had a good time, but werent really into the hunting thing, and were actually there just to meet Matt. We walked around for a bit while I drooled all over the goodies for hunting and whatnot. I didnt want to stop at any booths because I knew my buddy would not have enjoyed the time I would be spending at every booth. So off to the front of the building we went where I met up with Todd as my friends left.

Back through the crowd Todd and I went, this time I am looking a little harder at the booths, and meet back up with Nate at the XWT booth, which I will say was probably one of the best looking booths at the show in conjunction with the Driven TV booth. Todd got his autograph from Matt and we talked Nate into walking around with us for a bit, stopping at all the booths I had passed up before, signing up for all kinds of raffles and such. We spotted Matt in a different section of the building, of course surrounded by folks, I dont know how he does it sometimes!! Then Nate got a call from Aaron and we went to meet up with him near the XWT booth.

Now I am gonna tell you guys and gals, Aaron is probably the bravest guy I know. We spot him and he has his 2 girls in a stroller and one strapped to his chest and is doing just a great job at keeping all 3 occupied. Aaron, I wouldnt have done it, bro, I would have had to skip it, I give you mad props for pushing a double stroller through a crowd with a little one strapped to your chest, and everyone was loving life. After some more visiting Aaron had to leave, and off into the crowd he went, stroller and kids in tow.

Todd and I took another lap around the expo so I could look for some shrink on fletchings I need for my arrows and we found a booth that had them, but they "werent selling them". GRRRRR! More stops, more raffles, and we decided we had to get something to eat so I could fuel my 3 hour drive home. Todd and I told Nate and Matt bye and headed out to Famous Daves where we put the smack down on some BBQ and I ate a sundae that I think was made for 2 to 3 people, but I was victorious!!!!! LOL!!

Three hours and some change later I was pulling into my driveway and looked at the clock..........12:30 am.......I was beat!!! All in all it was a good trip, I was glad I got to see Nate,Todd, Aaron, and Matt. Each time I see Matt, he treats me like I am a friend, and that is very odd to me for some reason, he is a great guy. Nate is also a class act, as you all already know. He could have just let me walk by and look lost, but did give me a yell and spent quite a bit of time talking with us too. Todd, well, what do you say about Todd? LOL!! It had been forever since I had actually gotten to see Todd, so I was glad he met up with me there. Todd is the closest thing I have to a brother, so I hate it when we dont see each other for so long. It was good to see Aaron again also, it had been a while.

So, that is the Sugar Shane tale for the deer classic, I hope it wasnt too long winded. Now I just have to meet the rest of the regulars on here so I can put faces to names.

(Edited to add these paragraph things I keep hearing about. Don't even know if they are in the right spots, but there you go, Michelle.)

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