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Dont forget he passed, according to himself, most of the coaching, over to his team, including Greg Jackson. But his Character and demenour in the face of being verbally attacked was outstanding.

Josh did everything he could to harras GSP outside of physical abuse...and GSP refrained from playing ball

I hope that GSP finishes him and that its the most embarrising thing ever (though I dont wish physical injury on anyone) I would like to see him left high and dry without the ability to give an excuse.

I feel this season of TUF salvaged the product...but ruined Josh Koscheck forever in the eyes of any compus mentus fan
I know, that's why I believe he did such a good job. He acted more like the CEO of the team and let the people that train him train the worked out really well. I've always said, about GSP, that he follows a game plan better than anyone, and he set up the best plan for his team, and it worked.

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