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Chuck: Stahl made the club think that Opie was a traitor and giving the FBI info on the club. The club put a hit on Opie and accidentally killed his wife instead (Tigg was the shooter). Opie found out and knew that Stahl was behind the deception. He even confronted Stahl once before about it. That's why she was so scared. She knew how much he blamed her for Donna's death.
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LOL that line was Priceless and a little unexpected I laughed my a$$ off when I heard her say it!!

Chuck the scars on Chibs Face are real I dont think they have anything to do with the IRA. If you remember he is the crazy Irish guy in BRAVE HEART and he has does intense scars on his face
Mike: Hey bro!! Yeah I remember all that stuff.. I mean I know I'm old, but I'm not that OLD!!! There is a specific scene where Stahl is talking to Opie about Donna's death... she says something to Opie about wondering how Donna must have felt? Something like that.. so when Opie said to Stahl "This is how she felt" right before he killed her it was a deliberate line in response to something Stahl said to him earlier in the season. I just can't remember when/what.

Javier: Bro you just keep getting cooler in my book.. a Steeler fan, a Hughes fan, SOA fan and a GSP fan.... I like it brother!!! I know the scars are real but it seemed to me that Chibs cut Jimmy in the exact same way as the scars on his face. I was trying to figure out if maybe Sutter did that on purpose. I can't remember exactly if they ever explained Chibs scars on SOA or not. Heck I'll be honest.. I missed the episode where he was introduced to the series so I really don't even know how he got there.. I know he came from Ireland but I never understood if he came over from the Belfast charter of SOA or if he was former IRA AND a part of the SOA Belfast.
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