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Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
Great season finale... possible one of the best I've seen. I know this sounds horrible but I was SO happy to see Stahl finally die. Her character was written and played perfectly because I truly hated that woman.

I need a refresher though... I'm trying to remember the seen that Opie was referencing right before he killer her. He said "This is how she felt".... I remember Opie and Stahl having a conversation... at the hospital maybe.. about Donna getting killed... but I can't quite place it.

I'm pretty sure Hale will get exposed... they'll probably find the tape player that the guy and his girlfriend tried to frame him with.

I'm interested to see how next season will play out...

Oh yeah... the show right before the season finale Gemma had one of the best lines I've ever heard on TV... Opie and her are talking about Opie getting married and she says "You girlfriend catches c*$% in her mouth for a living and I'm guessing you have a problem with that? That was classic!!!

I think the feud with Chibs being about a dog was brilliant personally. Having it be about a woman would be wayyyy to cliche'. I like how Chibs killed Jimmy but I don't remember the significance of it. I know they attempted to kill Chibs that way because of the scars on his face but is it a specific type of death? Is it just the routine IRA hit or is it significant of being a traitor??

Anybody know?
LOL that line was Priceless and a little unexpected I laughed my a$$ off when I heard her say it!!

Chuck the scars on Chibs Face are real I dont think they have anything to do with the IRA. If you remember he is the crazy Irish guy in BRAVE HEART and he has does intense scars on his face
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