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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
Just watched the finale last night. Awesome!

One question though. When Tara is reading John's letter, he says something like "at least my Thomas won't live the same life". Who is Thomas? We know about Trinity but I don't remember Thomas.

Jax also said something like "I'd never turn on my club. I'm not my father." If he finds out Clay and Gemma killed his dad, how surprised/angry will he really be?
Thomas was John Teller and Gemma's baby that died.

The angle I think they may ultimately play out is that Jax realizes he is exactly like his father (remember how both letters had the same dialogue) and possibly leaves the club and kills Clay after Gemma dies. However, they write this show on the fly and it could literally change in an instant during the filming. Kurt Sutter is a smart TV writer, and it's hard to predict where he is ever going to go. In the end, I think we will end up being conflicted as to weather Jax is a "good guy" or a "bad guy", but what do I know?
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