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Ohh yeah...since this thread kinda fell off mid-season...

What did everybody think of Tigg/Kozik and the dog?

Sutter explained that they didn't vote Kozik into the club because they intentionally wanted to leave it up in the air for actor Kenny Johnson (from The Shield) to come back to the show. Still, to make the beef over a dog when so much more is at stake seems unrealistic. Unless they are both creepy f***s and they did something unthinkable with the dog. There was a moment earlier in the show where Tigg eluded to necrophilia, if my memory serves me right. So, it's not outside the box to think it wasn't a case of; "You poisoned my dog because it was on your property". Clearly, they both had a "thing" for the dog, and personally I hope we never find out what that "thing" was.
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