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Originally Posted by JavierDLC View Post
I never knew this thread existed!! I love this show!!! me and my wife watch it every week. Even this past October when Dish network dropped Fx from there Programing. I had to buy the HDMI adapter to my MacBook and the Audio adapter so we could watch the shows on ITUNES in our living room on my TV.

The show airs at 8PM here but I have my DVR set up so We dont have to watch commercials and then we watch it at 9

This was probably my Favorite ending from the 3 seasons. I loved how OPIE took revenge. The way Stal was crying was priceless. Although I thought they should have tortured Jimmy-o a little bit more Im glad Chibs got to kill him.

I was surprised that the whole club knew about his deal with Stal but relieved at the same time.

I always knew Clay and Gemma had killed John Teller
I cant wait for Jax to find out and I cant imagine how he is going to kill Clay.
Here is a cool interview where Kurt Sutter gives some insight into why Season 3 played out the way it did, and what we COULD see in store for Season 4.

The way they had Jax run the long con on Agent Stahl, and even Gemma, was truly brilliant. Although I did have a feeling the twist was coming because I didn't think they would really play out a scenario where Jax was displaced from the club permanently, at least not so soon. Definitely my favorite show on TV, and it's the only one that I have watched consistently from the very beginning.
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