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Claire I hope to meet you one day, the people that I have came in contact with from this forum are the very best anywhere, period...just can't put my finger on it, might have a little something to do with the name on the web site. So if you get that chance to meet the "crew" I say sell the house if you must to make it happen, because the end will be the will walk away a better person, because these people bring the best out of you. I for one feel very lucky to run with them from time to time.War Lawler
hey silverback!,thankyou so much for the nice welcome!,i would be way chuffed to spend some "fight" time with ya!.....hope i can make the dream happen one day soon!....failing that,you are always welcome to hit inverness and loch ness monster hunt!!!!..,seriously,next year,where there's a brawl,this scotty lass is there!!!.x
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