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Originally Posted by Psykojojo
I've definatly missed alot this past year, but if memory serves correct, Fedor wants control of who he fights WITHIN the ufc, not freedom to fight whoever wherever. The only fights he was asking for outside of the UFC was new years in japan and his sambo tournys (if you even count those). I haven't heard anything about other orgs, but I know his managment wanted the UFC and m-1 to co-promote shows in Russia, thats the closest thing to fighting for another promotion (outside of NYE) that I've heard of.

I could be way off on this, like I said, I've missed ALOT in the sport.
the only thing close to that, is he has said he wants a tune up fight in the cage before fighting for the title. that was before though. he's already challenged the UFC to let him fight Lesnar winner take all.
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