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Originally Posted by Psykojojo
Fedor owns all prideFC footage he was in, considering that fact alone, I doubt Fedor would be down with the mighty Zuffa's 'we-own-your-face-for-like,-ever clause'. I'm sure that was one of the deciding factors for him

It's amazing that, to this day, people still side with Zuffa and say "raping everyone is fine, they're protecting their brand" or "it's a business, to run a successful one you need to be an utter douche, duh". (not direct quotes) You don't have to be a scumbag to be successful, mistreating/bullying people that don't deserve it is never acceptable and if you believe otherwise, well, I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune if you were in contract negotiations with the glorious Zuffa demi-gods

Well said
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