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Quoteo I wish matt would have won .. yea .. of course. I want the very best for him. But, in the long run .. I think maybe the time he got to spend with old friends like Robbie Lawler, Matt Pena, Jeremy Horn, Jens Pulver, the time he got to spend with his wife and son Brandon the people that flew or drove from all over the US and Canada to show their love and support for him, that honestly has nothing to do with him having his hand raised at the end of a fight ... will be more lasting memories than any other single moment he could have experienced at UFC 123 in Detroit Michigan.: Quote

Boome thank you, from my boys and me. You made sure my sons was always made to feel like the "Bunch' . Your Boomer tale is always one that, I for one hang on every word. The after party, the best. Perfect, just the ticket. The quote above said it best.
Matt, I thank you for making it posible for me to bring my boys, wish I could have had my oldest with me also, but next time. I told you this in a text, but I will tell you again, you told me you would have like one thing to have been different that weekend, and yes I agree, me too. But if that one thing different, would have made my weekend any better, maybe, but I doudt it. I was with my sons, at a Matt Hughes fight, I was there for my friend, which happens to be a fighter!
Mark thanks for everything, I would say the broke the mold Buddy when they made you, but we all know thats a lie, they used it again, then broke it.
To all the forum members that I was blessed to meet on that weekend, I just added to the list of the very best. The after party with you guys was the ending to one of the best weekends ever, Thanks.
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