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Originally Posted by Rochambeau View Post
My previous avatar may have made pages load slower for some people. Would increasing the pixel limit increase the byte size limit?
Well I set everything manually, so I get to choose the pixel limits and size limits. Right now the avatar byte size limit is 2000000 bytes, or roughly 2 MB. Which is massive, now that I think about it, even for an animated GIF.

This images is 226x150 pixels and it's only 1.6 MB:

This one is 125x125 pixels and only 281 KB:

So I think I need to drop that byte size limit down to about 300 KB or 300000 bytes.

For the non-animated JPG avatars, there is absolutely no reason that they need to be over 12 KB and even that is way more than necessary. A properly optimized 100x100 pixel JPG should be in the 6-7 KB range.
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