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So much for Dana White choosing the best people. He completely ignored GSPs advice about picking Dane Sayers, and instead went for Koschecks Number one pick, who had already spoke crap, lost in thirty seconds by submission.....what happens...he goes by submission to a guy from a country devoid in much of the ground arts.

This sort of thing is why Dana isnt any good for the UFC anymore. instead of picking the fighter who had learned the most, probably trained the hardest, and made the best progression...he went for the hype of being top pick, and the attitude that Marc already had before when he was smack talking.

Marc didnt even deserve a second chance...much less, to be considered the best when he smack talks, and then consistantly gets choked out the same way....and Dana white picked him because he was the best??? No...nothing more then tude and hype.
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