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Originally Posted by Buras View Post
I was born in New Orleans and lived about 50 minutes below New Orleans for the first 17 years of my life. The town I grew up in is my screen name. Great place to grow up. No red lights, no chain fast food joints just a small town where fishing and oil field are the two main industries. Great place to grow up if you are a hunter or fisherman. Unfortunately Hurricane Katrina changed much of the landscape. I moved to Lafayette Louisiana in 87 and have basically been here ever since. I currently reside in Broussard Louisiana with my wife and two daughters. I am 41 years old and I am the head football coach at a 4A high school. I have never trained and consider myself a fan who has been to 3 events in Vegas and I rent a ppv monthly. Favorite fighters are Matt, Chuck, Rich and Evan Tanner (RIP)
Which three events did you go to?

I have also been to three UFC events...UFC 70 in Manchester and UFC 85 and UFC 120 both in London...and the first british Fan Expo too where I met Rich Franklin....let me tell you now, he does not dissapoint

I'm sorry about the hurricane
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