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Originally Posted by TexasRN View Post
I just watched the show. Kos made himself look really bad on this episode. I thought he was a jerk before and now he confirmed it. I am friends with a girl who went to college with him and knew him (her roommate dated him). I haven't asked her about him since TUF started so I'm curious to know what she thinks of him now, especially since her husband is in school to be a Nurse Practitioner.

The fight was a dud. If Kyle Watson wasn't on the show, I wouldn't be watching it.

There's an unaired clip on the TUF website of Kos going in to apologize after his team goes home. They're all cooped up in their respective locker rooms & when Kos's team heads out to the van(s), Tate leans out of GSP's locker room to see what's up. Tate & the Armenians start yapping at each other again (I can't remember who starts it), but Kos does a great job of shoving his fighters out the door & telling them to leave it be. Then, when he doesn't leave with them, the Armenians realize he's plannign to go back & talk to Tate. They immediately want to be there to back him up, but Kos yells at 'em to get in the van. Once they drive away, he walks into GSP's locker room, sits down right next to Tate (they're the only ones in there) & apologizes. He goes on to say that Tate's welcome to say whatever he wants to about Kos, but that the guys on his team are off limits because they're sacrificing so much to be here.

TBH, it won Kos a ton of points in my book.
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