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Originally Posted by Buras View Post
Hello Dave, I'm Marc,great to meet you pal. That's what I like about this forum is all the good people here.

Well let me introduce myself (i'll pretend you arent a lurker and probably know all this anyway ) My name is Dave, (28) I live on my own in a small flat, and work full time for a subsidury of Walmart I am a Senior Moderator on Matt-Hughes Forum where I have been an active member since March 2006. I am a freelance MMA Journalist who is published by MMAHitPit dot com, and SquaredOctagon dot com, I am known at Local Promotions like Cage Gladiators in Liverpool and by Media like Fighters Only Magazine, I am English, but only two generations removed from Scotland, Pro-America, Anti-Europe, Pro Death Penalty, Anti Euthanasia, Royalist, and a Confirmed Anglican (by The Lord Bishop of London in the Quire of Saint Paul's Cathedral London) I worked in their lay community for a while. (shows where I worked: ) (politically allied to the Christian Right. British: Right side of Liberal Democrat, Left Side of Conservative. American: Republican Left, quite Tea Party on issues of Immigration, Crime and Punishment etc. Supporting of Israel) Born in Lincoln, University Educated at Bradford, and now residing in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. I have two Sisters, two and four years younger then me, and my Parents have just celebrated thirty years of marriage, my Father is an Ordained Minister in Secular Employment as of the mid 1990s.

I also make mma predictions and recap videos, keep a weekly blog, and look after an ever expanding family of birds, Zebra Finches and Budgies.

I go by the tag "Amor Et Fides" which is Latin for "Love and Loyalty"

Its nice to meet you

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