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ok ok ok!

Yes Aaron had his hands full! Wow! I give mad props to a guy that will take 3 daughters (all that are of a young age) out by himself! I couldn't hack it! The place was huge! You should have seen all of the dead animals! It was awesome! If there was any kind of animal that you wanted to was there! Dead and stuffed! There was even a Beer! It was a half deer, half bear animal! It looked ferocious! It was actually shot and killed at the same resort I am staying at this year in Minnesota! Scary!!!!!
And of course, they had my weakness there...gun raffles! I am so addicted to trying to win guns, it is ridiculous! And everytime i turned around, I seen Nate and Shane staring at some booth girl. Man, I tell ya! I can't take these guys anywhere without them oogling some girl that is all done up!
Nate was taking about a million pictures. So, he should be posting them in the next couple of days. Poor Nate had no chair to sit in all day! He had to stand on the concrete floor all day! Man! What kind of slave driving boss does he have?!
After that, Shane and i rolled over to Famous Dave's for some bbq. I was so full. It was a long ride home.
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