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Originally Posted by Blmfighter
Sorry guys, I did take the camera however with the three girls I never even got the camera out. I had two in the stroller and one in a pouch on my chest. Nate had his camera and I'm sure he got some good pictures. Has far as a Pirtle Tale, I will give it a try.

I get home from the gym After a rough 5 hour work out. Im preparing for my cover shot on vogue andgrab the girls and drive out to the Interstate Center. Traffic was pretty bad, but there has not been a road on earth that could keep me from seeing the country sage.When we arrive it was very cold and windy. Gale force winds ..... ice the size of golf balls falling all around. I shrug it off like Brittney does her clothes. I walk in and everyone is looking at the guy wearing a baby girl and pushing two others. All the girls wish they were with me, all the guys wish they were me.I call Nate and and he found me. He got lost a few times but I helped him through it. When I saw him he asked for a hug.Then I see Todd and Shaneand giggle at TODD's girlyness, we walk over to the DrivenTV crew. They wanted to film me and give me my own reality show, but .. I just don't want that life for my kids.We talk for a little bit and then I see Matt. The heavens open .. the once cold, dark windy day suddenly cleared up and in one brief moment life just seemed right.Matt comes over and starts talking to my little girls. My oldest grace which is 3 was happy to meet the guy on the website.

I left shortly after that because it was after the girls bedtime. Nate cried.I know this is not much of a story so I hope the other guys can add to the story.
THATS A GREAT FIRST TALE ... I helped a little ..

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