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Sorry guys, I did take the camera however with the three girls I never even got the camera out. I had two in the stroller and one in a pouch on my chest. Nate had his camera and I'm sure he got some good pictures. Has far as a Pirtle Tale, I will give it a try.

I get home from the gym grab the girls and drive out to the Interstate Center. When we arrive it was very cold and windy. I walk in and everyone is looking at the guy wearing a baby girl and pushing two others. I call Nate and and he found me. Then I see Todd and Shane, we walk over to the DrivenTV crew. We talk for a little bit and then I see Matt. Matt comes over and starts talking to my little girls. My oldest grace which is 3 was happy to meet the guy on the website.

I left shortly after that because it was after the girls bedtime. I know this is not much of a story so I hope the other guys can add to the story.
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