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No offense to Arianny, but the UFC could put any model they wanted in that spot and nobody would really care. Nitpicking on the ring card girls is so petty it reeks of Zuffa nuthuggery.

Bellator has no depth to it's roster and it's Bellator who stands more to gain from any sort of co-promotion deal at this time. Showtime is a viable contender in the fight business, and as long as Showtime is backing Strikeforce and UFC keeps cutting gatekeepers Strikeforce will stick around.

It's easy to write an article that basically says Strikeforce needs to emulate the UFC in every way if they want to succeed, yet they have been around all this time while the other promotions have crumbled.

That's like me going to LA and telling the Clippers that if they want to be more successful they need to do EXACTLY what the Lakers do...One problem...the Clippers don't have Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, or a history with legends of the sport like Magic Johnson, Kareem Adbul Jabar, and Wilt Chamberlain. The Clippers still have their fans, and they still play the same sport, even in the exact same city. They just won't ever be as popular as the Lakers. These are the facts of life.

That's not to say that Stikeforce can't increase it's overall popularity over time. MMA is still a pretty young sport in terms of the history books, and considering the company was originally started in 1985 as a kickboxing org, I think they have managed to do a lot with their brand.
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