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They also included the 20 Commandments of Jui-Jitsu:

1- * Thou shalt not stall.
2- * Thou shalt not wimp out.
3- * Thou shalt not skip practice for silly reasons.
4- * Thou shalt not drink alcohol excessively.
5- * Thou shalt not partake in excessive slamming.
6- * Thou shalt not wear stinky gis or neglect your higiene.
7- * Thou shalt not whine about refereeing.
8- * Thou shalt not be a “creonte” – respect your master and gym.
9- * Thou shalt not heed orders that go against your values.
10- Thou shalt not be rude during training.
11- *Thou shalt not make a trophy of your mangled ear.
12- *Thou shalt not succumb to cupcakes, candy bars and the likes.
13- *Thou shalt not show off – be discreet. After all, the more exposed you are, the greater the target.
14- *Thou shalt not talk too much smack nor cause discord between training partners.
15- *Thou shalt not take cheap shots.
16- *Thou shalt not take Steven Segal films seriously.
17- *Thou shalt not count advantage points.
18- *Thou shalt not delay in letting go of your opponent when he taps.
19- *Thou shalt not take the stress of life out on training partners.
20- *Thou shalt not steal training partners’ flip-flops.
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