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Originally Posted by Bonnie
I played volleyball in high school and we were doing drills running back and forth. All of a sudden there was the most horrific scream, stopped everybody in their tracks. One of the girls was down on the ground and we all ran over to see what had happened. Her knee was like yours, all the way flipped to the side except it stayed there. She had to have knee surgery and be in a cast. The sad part was she was going to college on a volleyball scholarship all paid, but that all ended that day for her.

Man, its funny because i am over it now but i just think if the ball hadnt been kicked there, i would not have made the movement i did, if i had just headed the ball, this injury would never of happened.

Its a real kicker but for them same reasons, i believe it was meant to happen and so take it in good grace!

Man, that is scary with the platella staying there, that would have panicked me!
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